Why You Shouldn’t Eat Right After Root Canal Therapy

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Have you heard horror stories about root canal therapy? Fortunately, the stories about this treatment tend to be worse than the actual treatment. In fact, most patients who have had a root canal will say that the treatment is relatively painless.

Of course root canals can only be painless because your teeth are numbed. However it’s important to note that this numbness can last for several hours after your treatment. Chewing while your teeth are numb can be difficult and can lead to biting your tongue and your cheek. This can cause painful sores in your mouth.

Similarly, once your teeth are no longer numb, your tooth might be hurt by chewing hard foods. This is especially true if you’ve been given a temporary crown. In fact, chewing on hard food while you have a temporary crown could damage or dislodge your restoration.

Finally, please do not chew on one side of your mouth, because uneven chewing can cause soreness. To avoid all of these complications, simply eat soft foods for a few days.

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