What Do You Know about Temporomandibular Joints?

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Did you know it’s imperative to keep your jaw joints healthy? Within your jaw has a set of ball-and-socket joints on each side of your face called your temporomandibular joints, or TMDs for short. If these joints are hurt, a TMD disorder will occur. If you are suffering from TMD disorder, your entire mouth may ache. Fortunately, there are many helpful ways you can use to help treat your condition.

Although the actual cause of the TMD can be extensive due to the sheer amount of parts involved within the joint. However, the good news is TMDs can be treated. If you are feeling any pain or discomfort, heat packs are an ideal solution. If your jaw begins to swell, try using ice packs to help. Meditative techniques to decrease jaw pressure can also be used. This can include yoga, calming and relaxing music, and mild biofeedback.

TMDs can also be the result of other oral health complaints. A condition called bruxism exists where you unconsciously grind your teeth, often while asleep. The continuous grinding of teeth can wear down your jaw and cause TMDs to occur. Even the foods you eat could be harming your jaw. This includes tough foods like steak or jerky, or chewy foods like taffy and bubble gum. Bad habits like chewing on inedible objects like pen caps or biting your nails can also increase your risk for a TMD.

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