The Body’s Immune System Might Need Help Dealing with a Dental Cyst

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Dental cysts can develop when a distressed or emergent tooth also distresses the surrounding periodontal tissues. They can sometimes be associated with pre-emergent wisdom teeth, a developing primary tooth, or a tooth that suffers from a cavity near the gumline.

Early symptoms could include a swelling at the gumline, irritation near a tooth, or a noticeable area of discoloration near the surface of your gums. Most dental cysts are merely a collection of fluids that don’t necessarily contain an infected bacterial component. However, some can involve a mild infection or cause significant periodontal discomfort.

The course of treatment advocated by Brandon Burger, DDS’s team of oral care specialists will be based on the dental cyst’s location, size, and other potential infection.

In some of these cases, Dr. Brandon Burger might recommend a course of treatment designed to bolsters your natural own immune system. This can help reduce the dental cyst without the need for invasive treatment methods.

In a case where the fluid in the cyst has developed a significant infection, he might recommend surgically excising it and draining the fluid. Afterward, Dr. Brandon Burger might provide you with a prescription for pain management and antibiotic medications to help your gums heal without risk of a secondary infection.

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