Teething Remedies

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Do you need help dealing with teething? Do you know what you can do to help your child feel comfortable? If so, we have a few suggestions for you.

Wipe Drool Away: During teething, your baby will be uncomfortable. One source of discomfort will come from drool, which could lead to skin irritation. To prevent this, we recommend that you wipe away excess drool and that you apply a cream or lotion.

Painkillers Help: Many over-the-counter remedies can help. Medications such as gels, should be used sparingly and only near the erupting tooth. Otherwise, you could numb your child’s entire mouth. If over-the-counter medications don’t seem effective, a doctor may offer a medication.

Something to Chew: Whether you offer your baby a teething ring or something more flavorful, chewing can break down your babies gum help their teeth emerge. However, if you give your baby food, we recommend that you watch them closely to ensure that your little one doesn’t choke.

Have you heard that diarrhea and a headache are a natural part of the teething process? This is not true. Teething should not have any symptoms outside of the mouth. If you notice a fever or any other symptom, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Also, we invite you to contact us six months after your baby’s first tooth emerges. We look forward to hearing from you soon.