Summer Smile Essentials: Toothbrush Techniques

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In order to make sure your teeth have the best chance of success in the future, it is imperative to employ all techniques and methods you can to improve your oral health care. This includes effective tooth brushing techniques, including the following:

– When brushing your teeth, also brush your gums, as this can freshen your breath and help remove bacteria.
– When selecting a toothbrush, always search for products that can solve your oral health needs, including brushes with soft bristles that can easily and effectively clean all areas within your mouth.
– Protect your smile so that your toothbrush doesn’t work too hard by implementing healthy lifestyle habits including eating nutritious meals and limiting snacks.
– Take good care of your toothbrush by storing it upright and away from other toothbrushes. Replace your toothbrush as needed. The average age of a toothbrush is 3 to 4 months.
– Look for brushes that feature the ADA Seal of Acceptance, which guarantees the brush will meet adequate standards for safety and effectiveness.
– When brushing your teeth, try to use a 45-degree angle and remember to reach all sides of each and every tooth.
– For product recommendations and suggestions about selecting a toothbrush, speak with your dentist.
– If you are struggling due to muscle deficiencies or old age with your brushing tactics, switch to an easier method such as an electric toothbrush.
– Your toothbrush cannot reach all areas within your mouth, so be sure to implement interdental cleaning tools such as dental floss into your routine to clean between your teeth.
– Typically, you should brush your teeth approximately 2 minutes per session twice a day.

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