Does Your Cavity Need a Dental Filling?

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If you frequently enjoy acidic beverages or don’t have an effective oral hygiene, your tooth enamel can become demineralized and develop a cavity. Over time, the cavity can spread to more and more of the tooth surface, causing you to feel heightened tooth sensitivity and dental pain. If a cavity is treated in time, our dentist may be able to restore the tooth to full health with a simple dental filling.

Addressing tooth decay begins with our team performing dental exam to assess the severity of the cavity. If the cavity has remained small enough, our dentist may be able to keep treatment conservative with a simple dental filling that restores the original health of the tooth.

First, he will need to numb the tooth before cleaning out the areas of tooth decay and forming a smooth surface on the tooth that will adhere to the dental filling and keep it bonded.

Dr. Brandon Burger offers different dental filling materials depending on the tooth’s visibility and primary function. If a prominent tooth in your smile was affected, he may use a composite dental filling that is custom shaded to match the color of your natural tooth. Amalgam dental fillings can treat cavities on molars and premolars because, while they are visible against the teeth, they are also very durable and optimal for larger cavities.

After applying the filling, Dr. Brandon Burger cures and hardens it in place using a special ultraviolet light. If the tooth enamel still seems prone to weakness, he may also provide fluoride treatment to re-mineralize the tooth.

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