Do You Floss Daily? Flossing Enhances Your Oral Health

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With over 80% of patients confessing that they do not practice regular flossing, it’s not so surprising many come away from their dental cleanings with their dentist driving home the importance of daily flossing.

You probably have had this experience yourself, and even though you’ve been told time and time again that you should practice regular flossing, you’re going to hear it again now: it’s vital to your oral health that you floss regularly! Brushing is very important, don’t misunderstand us, but there are places in the mouth that are unreachable by simply brushing. This is why flossing is important.

The places between your teeth are great places for plaque and leftover food particles to hide from your toothbrush. Flossing cleans these areas, keeping them from developing cavities or tooth decay. In addition, flossing promotes healthy gums by lowering the risks of gingivitis.

Add to this that flossing will also aid in the prevention of having bad breath!

We do understand it can be difficult to develop the habit of daily flossing. That’s why we are offering a couple helpful tips to help you. Floss picks and floss handles are a great alternative to traditional flossing, and are just as effective, while also saving you time. Until you develop a daily routine of flossing, it may be helpful to set reminders for yourself in either your smartphone or by using sticky notes on the bathroom mirror.

You should practice proper oral care to make sure your teeth have a healthy, long lasting life. Please schedule your regular cleaning in Hermitage, Tennessee, at Brandon Burger, DDS with your dentist Dr. Brandon Burger by calling us at your convenience at 615-889-8202.