Coffee and Your Teeth: What You Should Know

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Coffee is an extremely popular beverage, but did you know that it’s also responsible for many stained teeth? Fortunately, there are a few things you can consider doing if you’re interested in enjoying your coffee and keeping your teeth white.

As you may already know, if you limit the amount of time your teeth are exposed to coffee, you can potentially stop your teeth from staining. Of course, limiting the amount of coffee you drink is one option you can consider, though drinking through a straw can have a number of the same benefits. Putting milk in your coffee can also be helpful. The type of coffee you drink could also have an impact. For example, coffee made with Arabica beans typically has fewer staining polyphenols and less caffeine.

If your drink coffee regularly, simple brushing may not be enough to prevent staining. However, a dental professional can help you clean your teeth thoroughly, and teeth whitening can lighten the shade of your teeth. However, if you choose a whitening kit, we recommend visiting our dentist instead of using an at-home whitening kit. Visiting our dentist can lead to better results.

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