Why Choose Dental Implants?

Dental implants are an excellent choice when it comes to restoring a lost tooth. For years they have swept the world in popularity because of their success. That is why our team here at in , , is happy to talk to you about dental implants to help you understand why it might be the… Read more »

Cleaning Your Child’s Teeth

Caring for the teeth and gums is highly important for the health of the mouth. When a child is too young to care for their teeth on their own, it is the parents’ responsibility to see to his or her oral hygiene. Your child’s dental hygiene should begin at an early age. Before his or… Read more »

Can You Improve Your Oral Health by Enhancing Your Flossing Skills?

Can you improve your oral health by enhancing your flossing skills? Dental floss is an enormously important part of your oral health care daily regimen, as it cleans the areas between teeth that brushing cannot reach. If for any reason your flossing habits are inadequate and cannot be revised, try switching to an alternative interdental… Read more »

A Dental Filling Can Be Used to Repair a Modest-Sized Cavity

If you are lax with your daily oral hygiene regimen or if you tend to procrastinate your routine dental exam at , you are at heightened risk of suffering a cavity. Early symptoms of this could include discomfort in the tooth when eating and drinking or a noticeable change in the tooth’s surface texture. In… Read more »

Do You Grind Your Teeth Regularly? If So, Protect Your Smile with These Treatments

Do you grind your teeth at night? Or even during the day? If so, it’s time to take action to treat it. The teeth-grinding habit can severely damage your smile, especially because it can wear away and even fracture your teeth. You don’t want a broken smile, do you? So, please use our tips to… Read more »

Common Questions About Oral Health Care

How would you rank your oral health care? Are you doing everything in your power in a quest for the flawless smile or are you just doing enough to get by without the need for serious restorations? Always remember that permanent teeth are the last pair we will get, so do everything you can to… Read more »

Do You Floss Daily? Flossing Enhances Your Oral Health

With over 80% of patients confessing that they do not practice regular flossing, it’s not so surprising many come away from their dental cleanings with their dentist driving home the importance of daily flossing. You probably have had this experience yourself, and even though you’ve been told time and time again that you should practice… Read more »

The Best Chewing Gum for Your Smile

Did you know there are certain types of gum that can attack and harm your smile? Well, it’s true, especially gum that contains high amounts of sugar. So, it’s important to be mindful of the kind of gum you put into your mouth. To help you choose the best chewing gum possible for your smile,… Read more »

Root Canal Treatment and Damaged Teeth

The mouth is a complex part of the body with a lot of different interactions going on inside of it. There are many things happening in your mouth that you are unaware of that could become a problem. One of those things involves the root canal. Beneath the teeth and gums is a soft tissue… Read more »

The Function of Multiple Missing Teeth Can Be Replicated by a Removable Partial

Missing multiple teeth in one area of your mouth can significantly impact your quality of life and the full function of your mouth. To address a problem like this, Dr. might recommend fitting you for a custom partial denture. A partial denture is a miniature form of removable dentures that fits in the gap where… Read more »