A Dental Filling Can Be Used to Repair a Modest-Sized Cavity

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If you are lax with your daily oral hygiene regimen or if you tend to procrastinate your routine dental exam at Brandon Burger, DDS, you are at heightened risk of suffering a cavity. Early symptoms of this could include discomfort in the tooth when eating and drinking or a noticeable change in the tooth’s surface texture.

In a situation like this, you should not delay scheduling an appointment for professional diagnosis and treatment with Dr. Brandon Burger. If it’s caught early, he might be able to repair the tooth with a simple dental filling.

Your dentist will start by examining the tooth to determine the severity of the tooth decay. Once the tooth has been sufficiently numbed, your dentist will then use a drill to remove any areas of decayed tooth enamel. This leaves behind a clean surface to bond the filling.

Composite resin is a good option for repairing a cavity on a tooth that is visible in your smile. This is a special type of dental-grade plastic. It can be shaded to match the color and tone of the surrounding tooth enamel, making it indistinguishable in your smile. Once your dentist has shaded and applied the composite filling, he will use a special ultraviolet light to cure and harden it into the healthy tooth enamel.

With improved oral hygiene habits and regular attendance of your dental checkup, you can expect the filling to repair your tooth for many years to come.

If you live in the Hermitage, Tennessee, area and you’ve noticed a cavity on a tooth in your smile, you should call 615-889-8202 to have it treated and repaired at Brandon Burger, DDS.