Oral Hygiene Products with the ADA Seal of Acceptance

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In recent years, oral hygiene manufactures have flooded store aisle with a wide variety of oral hygiene products, with the intention of meeting consumer needs. Some of the more aggressive marketing messages tend to make claims that over-promise, yet sometimes under-deliver. Finding just the right oral hygiene products for your family can sometimes be a challenge.

It’s important to remember that some oral hygiene products that are only intended for cosmetic use, or to freshen your breath. The active ingredients these products simply have no place in an effective oral hygiene routine.

In 1931 The American Dental Association started their Seal of Acceptance program, to help consumers find the safest and most effective oral hygiene products to meet their needs. As time has passed the Seal of Acceptance has become the benchmark standard.

Participation in the program is voluntary. When a manufacturer is about to launch a new oral hygiene product, they can submit it to the ADA to be researched and tested for safety as well as effectiveness. If the product meets the rigorous guidelines, the ADA will approve it for consumer use and award the product with the Seal of Acceptance. The manufacturer can then print the seal on the product label.

The ADA has also posted links on their website to help consumer sort through the index of all oral hygiene products that have earned the seal.

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