An Imperfect Smile Can Be Improved in Different Ways

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If you have one or more teeth in your smile that is stained, chipped, or unattractive, it can leave you feeling self-conscious in social situations. Many people in this situation will reach out to the dental professionals at Brandon Burger, DDS to explore their smile-restoration options.

Stained teeth can be safely and effectively whitened by the professional dental-bleaching treatment that is offered by Dr. Brandon Burger. Once your teeth have been whitened, we can help you identify the initial cause of the stains. This will help you control the staining and prevent future staining issues between dental cleanings.

If the teeth in your smile are marred by chips, stains, and old fillings, or if you would just like a smooth, white smile, our dentist might recommend installing dental veneers. The dental veneers are made from a porcelain material that fit over the faces of your teeth.

If one or two of your teeth suffer from large fillings, or if your tooth enamel is too thin to mount a dental veneer, we might recommend having the entire enamel layer restored with a porcelain crown.

No matter what the imperfection is, the highly trained dental professionals at Brandon Burger, DDS have a solution. Please feel free to call your dentist at 615-889-8202 to explore your smile-improvement options.